Wallabies tour – week three

This is the third instalment of my weekly image blog as the official photographer for the Wallabies during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Hit the links to view visual highlights from week one and two.

It’s the eve of Australia’s opening match in the 2015 Rugby World Cup against Fiji at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. 

Tomorrow the players will try to harness the months of training, analysis and conditioning to open Australia’s tournament on a positive note against an unpredictable opponent.

Since arriving from their pre-World Cup training camp at the University of Notre Dame in the USA, the Wallabies have been fine tuning just up the M4 in the beautiful Spa town of Bath.

Typically, we had a wide range of weather conditions in the West Country (often in the space of a few hours), before the players travelled to Wales earlier today for their captain’s run at the impressive Millennium Stadium.

Here’s some of the best imagery from the past week and hopefully next time I post we’ll have a couple of wins under our belt.

Car’n the Wallabies.

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  1. Mick

    Brilliant stuff mate. Can see them playing up to you a bit too. Looking forward to the game day stuff!

  2. Nathan

    As always, brilliant work Walmsley!


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