Veledrome visuals



There are good and bad things about moving.

Dealing with the logistical aspects of temporary displacement is a drag but, once you’re settled, I love getting out and exploring my new habitat.

The number-one priority is of course finding the best breakfast/coffee, but I’m also constantly on the lookout for new shooting locations.

While out running a few weeks ago I discovered Brunswick Cycling Club’s old veledrome. No wooden indoor track here – just big banking turns surfaced with extremely unforgiving cement.

There is also some very cool graffiti around the old clubrooms, so I arranged a shoot with a photographer pal Mic and cycling pal Dave, who was good enough to participate despite suffering from a raging headcold.

He also dug out a pair of his best cycling braces to add to the old-school feel and I shot with a combination of Mic’s Ranger Quadra lighting system and speedlights to achieve the look you can see in the gallery.

Because the majority of my work is editorial, I find keeping a bank of different locations like this really important.

Being able to deliver a quality image on short notice is as much about preparation as it is technical skill – so having some ‘go to’ spots around the city is a must.

Thanks again to Dave and also to Mic, who makes every shoot an enlightening experience.


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