The year peaks at Peats

I was fortunate enough to bring in the New Year at Peats Ridge Festival, held in the beautiful Glenworth Valley, just north of Sydney.

As ‘accredited media’, I was technically working, but there are worse offices to have – and once your images are filed for the day, it’s time to relax and enjoy the spectacle.

I’m leaving the Big Day Out for the youngsters these days, and opting for the more relaxed vibe of a two or three-day event with up-and-coming acts rather than headliners.

It’s a great way to discover some new music and actually interact with the artists, rather than the peak of your festival being saved from a mosh pit crush by a security guard.

The highlight for me was interviewing and hearing Oliver Tank play live. This Sydney producer has had plenty of air play recently with Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion and I really like his brand of ambient electro.

Brisbane band Founds were also very cool and, in my view, the best live act of the festival. The guys from the group play a mean game of campground cricket as well.

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  1. Stuart Walmsley

    UPDATE: The Peats Ridge Festival is now defunct. Read Fairfax’s yarn from 2012 or a more recent account on

    It seems promoter Matt Grant is also a much sought after man after many artists were left unpaid after the 2012 event. The event’s Facebook page is still alive though.


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