The Festival Of Love

Perfectly named. This was, in every conceivable way, a festival of love.

A celebration of love between two people, the love shared among a group of friends, of the beauty of nature, of a good party and of not taking it all too seriously.

The event was the wedding of my former neighbours and dear friends, Stevie Turnock and Adi Brown. Both festival-going veterans, Stevie and Adi are part of a wider community which has access to plenty of event infrastructure, so they decided their wedding would be a three-day jubilee where they decided who was invited.

Friends and family pitched in to set up and break down the site on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula, and guests also did much of the catering, provided entertainment and took care of the 1001 other tasks that go into staging such a raucous rejoicement.

They are a talented bunch, this lot, and there was a beautiful camaraderie which ran through the whole event as everyone did their bit to celebrate the union of two people so blissfully and completely in love.

The couple insisted on festival outfits for the entire occasion and with so much colour, candour and conviviality in the air, it was just a pleasure to shoot.

Congratulations guys – it was a massive effort from everyone involved – and it was a wedding I don’t think anyone will forget in a hurry.

I must give a shout out to my extremely committed assistants, Stef Barkla and Dani Keogh, who sacrificed at least a couple of hours drinking time to help with the ‘formal’ shots on Saturday. Guys, you light up my life.

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