The eyes have it

Photography is as much about approaching strangers as it is about image making.

When John passed by on a bustling city street in Melbourne there was no way I was letting him out of my sight without at least asking for a quick portrait.

To his credit, he happily obliged, and I managed to make this quite powerful image in some open shade on the front steps of Melbourne Magistrates Court.

The response when I posted it on my Facebook page was also fascinating. Despite the tattoos dominating the real estate of the image, most viewers agreed John’s eyes are what really engages you.

As you might expect, it wasn’t the first time someone has asked to immortalise John and his ever increasing body of art.

Melbourne-based social documentary photographer Morganna Magee has been documenting his obsession with tattoos for more than three years.

In fact, he and Morganna were just coming from another portrait sitting when our paths crossed, but I didn’t notice her until after I had accosted John.

Bizarrely, I first met Morganna just a fortnight earlier when MX promoted the Momentary Collective exhibition, featuring images produced exclusively using analog methods (film).

Some of her work was included, and I had the always challenging task of making a portrait of another photographer.

But that’s another can of worms I won’t open here.

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