Stuart Walmsley Photographer & Journalist

Stuart Walmsley Photographer
and Journalist

Stuart is a photojournalist based in Melbourne – Australia’s capital of culture, coffee and creativity.

He has worked as a photographer, reporter and designer for the biggest print media companies in Australia and the UK on mastheads such as The Herald Sun, The Age and The Daily Record.

This has given him an incredibly unique skill set and the ability to deliver content in keeping with the most demanding of briefs.

His images are bold, impactful, emotive. They stick in the mind. His words marry to them effectively and create a stimulating and authentic experience for the reader.

Stuart can make the most uncomfortable subject feel at ease in front of the camera and also believes having your picture taken should be fun.

In fact, he thinks this is very important.

Nice Things People Have Said:

“Stu’s attention to detail and his creative use of light to produce dynamic editorial images have always impressed me as a picture editor,”

Brad Fleet,
Head of Vision,
Adelaide Advertiser

“Stuart has a stunning ability to capture environmental portraits, with just the right amount of background-to-foreground lighting, yet containing the right emphasis that moulds a radiant finished product that reflects positively on the subject.

“He makes sports photography look so easy, but his images manage to capture both an athlete’s ability and personality.

“His landscapes also demonstrate a skill that uses light to its maximum, encapsulating the place, the feeling of a location.

“This is a rare combination of skills in one photographer.”

Jim Smart,
photographer and adjunct professor,
California State University

“Sports photography is too often a standard picture that just captures an action from an athlete. Stuart is one of the very few that has the ability to capture feeling, as well as an event, with his range of skill.

“As a franchise we often bypass using videos and choose an image taken by Stuart to marry up with a story. We know it will have a greater emotional impact on our fans.”

Adam Freier,
Head of Digital and Wallabies Media,
Australian Rugby Union

“I cannot speak highly enough of Stu Walmsley and his amazing photographic talents.

“Ever the consummate professional, Stu’s beautiful images stand now as artistic mnemonics of some incredibly poignant moments – our weekend of nuptials at the Festival of Love 2013, and the moments before my wife gave birth to our first child in early 2014.

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Adi &
Isabel Turnock