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Melbourne Paralympian Katy Parrish
Melbourne Paralympian Katy Parrish

Since moving to Melbourne a couple of months ago I have been working as a casual photographer at The Herald Sun, Australia’s most read newspaper.

Although I am quite a chilled out person – this means I am employed on a part time basis – not going about my work with a particularly relaxed demeanor.

The switch has been a major departure in both style and content from my time at Fairfax – pictures need to be tighter, brighter and there’s a seemingly never-ending parade of cute kids and TV personalities I’ve never heard of.

On a broadsheet newspaper, like my old masthead The Canberra Times, you can get away with a reasonably spacious environmental portrait. ie; the subject in their environment.

When shooting for a tabloid you often have to lose the environment and add some context with a prop. Or, if you work for The NT News, just fill the frame with croc. I always found that had a pretty big impact.

The atmosphere in the office is also quite odd at the moment. Nine full time photographers are leaving this week, including some who have been here for decades.

This is part of a News Ltd ‘restructure’, and the same is happening across the city at Fairfax flagship The Age. Click here to see Crikey’s full list of Fairfax staff who are leaving the company.

So there’s a lot of coming and going, a lot of confusion and a lot of talk about a lot of beer being consumed. It’s certainly an interesting time to be in the media.

My assignments here have ranged from picket lines to Paralympians, footy to fashion week, and even a four-hour stint outside Warnie’s house in Brighton waiting for Liz Hurley to appear.

She didn’t show – thankfully. I’m far too polite to be a member of the Paparazzi.

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