Rainforest road trip

I love road trips.

For me, it doesn’t get much better than cruising through the countryside, listening to some great tunes, and scoping the landscape for potential imagery.

Over the past few weeks I’ve pushed my little Laser to the limit. I drove from Melbourne up to Stradbroke Island (off Brisbane) to attend, and share picture-taking duties, at the wedding of two photographer friends Angie and Stu.

From there I spent five days meandering down the Pacific Highway to Newcastle for the nuptials of another friend (off duty this time), before returning to Melbourne through the Hunter Valley and South West NSW.

I didn’t count the kilometres, but there were a lot, and my inability to drive past something worth making an image of doesn’t result in a quick commute.

In fact, I may need to attach one of those ‘this vehicle makes frequent stops’ signs to my car.

Despite the many unscheduled breaks, I eventually made it back to Northcote, and I’m proud to say Angie and Stu are using one of my images on their introduction page. They had no less than six photographers at the wedding – see a sample of the images by reading their blog entry.

I worked with Angie on a small rural newspaper in the UK when I was a sub editor, so she is more aware of my metamorphosis than most.

That she believed enough in my ability to request my services at her wedding meant a lot – as did the arrangement whereby I could still relax and enjoy the day.

The fact it created an excuse for a road trip was just another fringe benefit.

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