Pistachio pleasures

Canberra has an undeserved reputation for being dull and boring, but it’s actually full of hidden treasures.

Some of these gems take the form of eateries – Civic, Kingston and Dickson are home to the best known – but there are just as many culinary delights off the beaten track.

Tucked away in the Woden suburb of Torrens is one such restaurant you should make the effort to visit if you live in the nation’s capital.

Pistachio Dining is the first solo venture of Canberra chef David Keeley.

The cuisine is classified by most good food guides as ‘modern Australian’. I’m not altogether sure what that means but, by my classification, it’s bloody delicious.

Shooting food can have a few fringe benefits, the main one being you sometimes get to sample the subject matter.

I had the good fortune to try a couple of David’s creations and the seafood dishes were a particular standout.

The desserts also looked awesome, but unfortunately off limits to a dairy intolerant photographer.

It’s definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in capitalia – and the pistachios are on the house.

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