Curtain call in capitalia

Next week I’m leaving the nation’s capital and moving to Melbourne, and it’s not just because of the coffee.

I left Victoria in mid 2009 for a position at the NT News in Darwin, my first as a full-time photographer, and I’ve been gradually working my way south ever since.

Only now do I feel I have the skill, confidence and portfolio to return to Melbourne. I believe it’s the creative heart of Australia, but that also makes for an extremely competitive professional environment in a field like photography.

I’ve spent a little over a year with Fairfax at The Canberra Times and it’s been a wonderful place to develop. I feel my images have improved a lot over the 12 months and I’ve been given no shortage of opportunity by my picture editor Karleen Minney.

Reflecting on my work here, one thing that surprised me was the regularity of spectacular late-evening light. The cloudscapes in Darwin were probably more epic, but when you combine a beautiful sunset with Lake Burley Griffin or the Brindabellas, the result can be just as striking.

Here’s the highlight reel from a year of golden hours in capitalia.

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