Burning Man – the reflection


Burning Man is impossible. The implausibility begins with the bare facts, becomes increasingly unbelievable in the build up and then there’s the moment you first see it in full flow. I’m not sure there’s a single word for it. It’s like falling down the rabbit hole into a Mad Max … Continued

Burning Man – the article

Elena dances at dawn near The Pier Group's sculpture Embrace.

This is the unedited version of a feature commissioned by News Corp Australia, published in the Sunday Herald Sun on October 12, 2014. What is Burning Man? Well, if you haven’t been, I can almost guarantee it’s not what you think. It’s as individual as the 65,922 people who this … Continued

Lourdes and her list


At the start of 2014, Lourdes Rodrigo made a bucket list. She was 35, but middle age would not weary her. This was to be a year of travel, of trying new things, of empowerment and achievement. Along with ziplining, learning to swim and playing the ukulele, one item on … Continued

The Big White wedding

Aaron and Helen in party mode before their wedding at Big White, Canada.
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Snow wasn’t something I was terribly familiar with before this year, but Aaron and Helen’s Big White Wedding changed all that. The couple are good friends of mine who now live in Toronto and they decided on a destination wedding with a difference, holding their nuptials at Big White Ski … Continued

Singapore – a soulless success

One more of the poster girl. The resort is an appropriate visual metaphor of the direction Singapore has taken over the past 30 years.

I’m not sure I can agree with the ethos of a nation where it’s potentially illegal to walk around your own home in the nude. Singapore’s harsh treatment of those guilty of drug-related offences is well known, and arguably justified, but there are some other laws which appear to have … Continued

Animals of the outback

Photographer turned model Nathan Dyer feeling the freedom on a central-Australian road trip.
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Australians are renowned for travelling overseas before exploring their own country. In recent years I’ve tried to be less guilty of this. I’m only beginning to appreciate the incredibly diversity, unique characteristics and daunting challenges of my homeland and I’ll take every opportunity to further my education. In mid 2013 … Continued

Rainforest road trip

Stu and Angie shelter from the elements during their Stradbroke Island wedding, Queensland, Australia.
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I love road trips. For me, it doesn’t get much better than cruising through the countryside, listening to some great tunes, and scoping the landscape for potential imagery. Over the past few weeks I’ve pushed my little Laser to the limit. I drove from Melbourne up to Stradbroke Island (off … Continued

Surf’s up

... and on to Bell's Beach.

I took a run down to Torquay thismorning to do a bit of shooting at sunrise. It was hardly a Hurricane Sandy sized swell, but there were a fair few surfers out early. The waves were clean, if a little inconsistent, but what attracted me was the position of the … Continued


Cambodia girl

To me, Cambodia was always synonymous with an act of genocide, but thankfully my short visit there has given rise to some much more positive associations. The Khmer Rouge’s slaughter of 1.7million Cambodians (around one fifth of the population) between 1975 to 1979 under the orders of leader Pol Pot … Continued

Burma – part V

This image is shot just with available light - but look how perfectly the shadow falls around the statue - beautiful craftsmanship.

Mandalay seems to have a habit of capturing the heart of all those who visit. Before British annexation ended the Konbaung Dynasty in 1885 it was the last royal capital of Burma, and many Burmese still see it as a place that symbolises sovereignty, especially with its strong Buddhist tradition. … Continued