A black and white snapshot

Mexican-based artist Mike Monahan.

As a bit of a taster of what’s to come in the next few months, I’ve compiled the five images from my black and white photo challenge. I was nominated for this Facebook fad by fellow photographers Jake Nowakowski and Angie Simms and, looking at the images now, it’s actually a decent snapshot … Continued

Burning Man – the job

This photographer used the 'sports tape and Yoda' method of protecting his gear.

The intention of this post is to assist other media professionals preparing to cover Burning Man for the first time. I read many such accounts in the lead-up to my first Burn and, while nothing can fully prepare you for Black Rock City, they still helped immeasurably. Covering Burning Man … Continued

Burning Man – the reflection


Burning Man is impossible. The implausibility begins with the bare facts, becomes increasingly unbelievable in the build up and then there’s the moment you first see it in full flow. I’m not sure there’s a single word for it. It’s like falling down the rabbit hole into a Mad Max … Continued

Burning Man – the article

Elena dances at dawn near The Pier Group's sculpture Embrace.

This is the unedited version of a feature commissioned by News Corp Australia, published in the Sunday Herald Sun on October 12, 2014. What is Burning Man? Well, if you haven’t been, I can almost guarantee it’s not what you think. It’s as individual as the 65,922 people who this … Continued

Shooting the Supermoon

The Supermoon of 2013 rises over Point Roadknight at Anglesea.

Almost a year ago now I was commissioned by my good pal Andy Wilson’s parents to shoot a series of images that reflected his time in Australia. I used to share a flat with Andy in Glasgow, but he has now made Melbourne his home, and the prints were a … Continued

The Festival Of Love

The irresistable Stevie and Adi Turnock

Perfectly named. This was, in every conceivable way, a festival of love. A celebration of love between two people, the love shared among a group of friends, of the beauty of nature, of a good party and of not taking it all too seriously. The event was the wedding of … Continued

The cat’s out of the bag

The captain

My housemate’s band 8Foot Felix launched their EP on Friday night – a triumph for feline-related music, excessive use of red light and pirate outfits. The gig at Northcote’s 100-year-old Regal Ballroom was awesome, almost as good as the after party at our house, where the band’s ‘rum tum crew’ … Continued

Stretching the friendship


If you have a close friend who is a photographer, chances are you’ve been asked at some stage to pose for them. This is not always a flattering portrait sitting – in fact – almost never a flattering portrait sitting. Mostly the photographer needs a person who is unlikely to … Continued

Pistachio pleasures

Product placement

Canberra has an undeserved reputation for being dull and boring, but it’s actually full of hidden treasures. Some of these gems take the form of eateries – Civic, Kingston and Dickson are home to the best known – but there are just as many culinary delights off the beaten track. … Continued

Veledrome visuals

Key light is the Quadra here, with a red gelled speedlight lighting the back of Dave's cap

There are good and bad things about moving. Dealing with the logistical aspects of temporary displacement is a drag but, once you’re settled, I love getting out and exploring my new habitat. The number-one priority is of course finding the best breakfast/coffee, but I’m also constantly on the lookout for … Continued