Animals of the outback

Photographer turned model Nathan Dyer feeling the freedom on a central-Australian road trip.
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Australians are renowned for travelling overseas before exploring their own country. In recent years I’ve tried to be less guilty of this. I’m only beginning to appreciate the incredibly diversity, unique characteristics and daunting challenges of my homeland and I’ll take every opportunity to further my education. In mid 2013 … Continued

Shooting the Supermoon

The Supermoon of 2013 rises over Point Roadknight at Anglesea.

Almost a year ago now I was commissioned by my good pal Andy Wilson’s parents to shoot a series of images that reflected his time in Australia. I used to share a flat with Andy in Glasgow, but he has now made Melbourne his home, and the prints were a … Continued

Rainforest road trip

Stu and Angie shelter from the elements during their Stradbroke Island wedding, Queensland, Australia.
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I love road trips. For me, it doesn’t get much better than cruising through the countryside, listening to some great tunes, and scoping the landscape for potential imagery. Over the past few weeks I’ve pushed my little Laser to the limit. I drove from Melbourne up to Stradbroke Island (off … Continued

The Festival Of Love

The irresistable Stevie and Adi Turnock

Perfectly named. This was, in every conceivable way, a festival of love. A celebration of love between two people, the love shared among a group of friends, of the beauty of nature, of a good party and of not taking it all too seriously. The event was the wedding of … Continued

The eyes have it

Street portrait of John in Melbourne's CBD.  Click here to read the story behind this image

Photography is as much about approaching strangers as it is about image making. When John passed by on a bustling city street in Melbourne there was no way I was letting him out of my sight without at least asking for a quick portrait. To his credit, he happily obliged, … Continued

Pretty enough in Pink

My portrait of pop star Pink, shot in particularly trying circumstances

If you’ve managed to rebrand a colour, then you must be pretty famous. Last Thursday I had to make a portrait of pop star Pink, who even I know is kind of a big deal. Perhaps not in my music world, but album sales of more than 45 million commands … Continued

Stretching the friendship


If you have a close friend who is a photographer, chances are you’ve been asked at some stage to pose for them. This is not always a flattering portrait sitting – in fact – almost never a flattering portrait sitting. Mostly the photographer needs a person who is unlikely to … Continued

Veledrome visuals

Key light is the Quadra here, with a red gelled speedlight lighting the back of Dave's cap

There are good and bad things about moving. Dealing with the logistical aspects of temporary displacement is a drag but, once you’re settled, I love getting out and exploring my new habitat. The number-one priority is of course finding the best breakfast/coffee, but I’m also constantly on the lookout for … Continued

By George, this lake is odd

Wind turbines litter the eastern shore of Lake George at sunrise

Australia is weird. You need look no further than the platypus for proof. Our nation’s relatively lengthy isolation from the rest of the world has given it some pretty kooky flora and fauna, and a totally unique natural environment. There’s a certain big rock in our red centre that captures … Continued

Chlorinated couture

Sally, Alicia, Angie and Belinda.

The London Olympics are only weeks away and many of our athletes have already departed to finish their preparation in the European summer. Every four years Aussie fans develop a sudden passion for sports like shooting, badminton and taekwondo, but there is always more than a fleeting interest in swimming. … Continued