Belinda and Harley’s bayside bash

This was a pleasure and a privilege.

Two brides – completely in love – and an international cast of family and friends intent on celebrating that fact.

I think the lobbyists and politicians who allow Australia’s draconian attitude toward same-sex marriage to prevail need to hang out with Belinda and Harley for a few days.

Put simply, they complete one another, and I defy anyone who spends time with them to reach a different conclusion.

A colleague commented in the week leading up to the celebration that two brides could mean twice the Bridezilla – but I knew that prediction was a long way off the mark.

B&H (as they are known to their friends) could also write the manual on ‘How To Not Let Your Wedding Stress You Out’.

They knew that whatever calamity occurred, or whatever Port Phillip Bay’s fickle elements threw at them, they were still going to commit to the love of their life, they were still surrounded by their nearest and dearest and there was still going to be one hell of a party at the end of it.

The girls prepared for the day at different locations in St Kilda, before meeting up and cruising down to Brighton Beach, where they kicked up the sand and turned more than a few heads.

The ceremony and celebrations were held at Little Blue, a beautiful (if a little breezy) venue on the end of St Kilda Pier, where the kiosk used to be.

There were more than a few tears as celebrant Meriki Comito did the honours, and just as many fist pumps afterwards.

Then the celebrations began – an evening full of love and laughter – and thankfully none of St Kilda’s famous penguins were harmed in any way.

So – thank you ladies – It was an absolute honour to record your special day. Like every other moment I have spent with you both it was riotous, relaxed and absolutely bags of fun.

I wish you every happiness for what I know will be a beautiful and fulfilling life together.

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  1. Meriki Comito

    So beautiful.
    Loved creating the ceremony for these two exceptionally gorgeous ladies!


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